About Mrs W

Welcome, Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by, I promise to try not to bore you too much.

I’m Jorden, just turned 31 and an all round nerd. This blog is basically about my little (mis)adventures and the geeky (nerd and proud) life I live.

Why Mrs Whiffo?
I am married to the lovely Mr Whiffin (the one not in a dress above). He puts up with me, usually without complaint. Whiffin is a funny old English name, and the nickname that comes with it is Whiffo. This is what I call my husband, and its tattooed on my forearm. The nickname in my strange mind seems better than having a name tattooed. It will be a bit easier to get away with with if Mr W decides to run off to the circus one day.

Things you should know before you jump in…

I live in a funny little suburb of London called Essex, its full of people who talk like Dick Van Dyke. It’s a strange place, but I love it.

It’s just Mr W and Me, were currently living with my parents as we are saving up for a deposit to buy our own house and to escape the rent trap. Living back with the 'rents means that by default we have become co-owners of two french bulldogs, Benoit & Serge. 

I work in the high-end cosmetics industry. I am pretty low maintenance but I still own pretty much every piece of cult make up and skincare out there. I just love everything about it, the colours, the packaging. Our Bathroom is full to the brim. Saying that though, I still believe that there is no point wearing a full face of warpaint if you have to hide behind it.

I love kitsch and saccharine dripped cute. I am obsessed with Walt Disney World, Hollywood urban legends and anything Americana based. I spend pretty much all my (and Mr W’s) hard-earned cash on plane tickets destined for US soil.     

I have a twitter & instagram habit, so you can find me updating most of the time @mrswhiffin

When I grow up I want to be a mad old woman with a pink rinse living in a townhouse in Greenwich Village.

Hope you enjoy your visit x Always feel free to drop me a line on twitter or leave me a comment, I have no shame, I'll answer everything.